Want to game on that Big Screen of your TV from your PC? Here’s a cool solution!

Large screen full HD(even 4K) TVs are getting cheaper as time flies, and at some point of time, every gamer might have tried to connect his/her PC or laptop to the huge TVs in the living room via HDMI or RGB port using cables, leading to a huge mess in the living room and you probably have to unplug your PC every time you’re done gaming. Intel PC users might have tried the Intel Wireless Display solution or WiDi which basically is like Miracast or Apple Air Play for PC, it mirrors your PC screen to your TV which has been plugged with a special WiDi dongle connected to the same WiFi. But, for gaming it does not make up as a good solution as the lag becomes very noticeable while streaming games and spoils the experience. In order to overcome this issue, there is an underrated and less hyped wireless streaming technology called Wireless HD!

Wireless HD technology recently got a bit of hype from the monsterous crowd funded smartphone, The Saygus V2. The V2 had an embedded Wireless HD transmitter which can stream your screen to a larger screen like a TV, provided it has been plugged in with a Wireless HD receiver.

The Wireless HD comes straight from the makers of HDMI technology. It transmits signals at a crazy 60 GHz frequency so there’s no need to worry about any signal interference or distortion and streams at upto full HD 1080p resolutions with absolutely no lag at all! The Transmitter goes into your PC or Laptop or Phone’s HDMI(mhl for phones through adapter) output port and a receiver goes into the hdmi input port of a display like a TV. For now, very few manufacturers have these kind of transmitter and receivers. DVDO Air 3-1 is one such product popular pc and smartphone manufacturer Asus also has a product called the Asus Wicast EW2000 and cost around $200.

Despite being so underrated, we feel that Wireless HD could actually be the solution to stream Virtual Reality content to devices like the Oculus Rift, Valve HTC Vive VR, etc


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