Got your LG device softbricked? Here’s a guide on how to revert!

Normally, LG’s Android phones are secure to flash, but if you are you are unlucky and got your LG  phone bricked during flashing, rooting or upgrading or any other unofficial operation, there is no reason to panic. Testing and experiencing is a part of the whole Android world and sometimes things go wrong. We have put together a guide to take you through various steps to get your bricked LG phone back running and this will work as long as your device is softbricked and if u can put your phone in the ‘download mode’.


A soft brick, is usually just when you’re phone is stuck in a bootloop, and as the name implies, is caused by a software error, usually the lack of a system to boot from or some other minor software bug that glitching boot. They are easily fixable by reflashing your ROM in recovery. A hard brick is where you’re device won’t boot at all. You have to either repair it yourself, using a JTAG or send it into a JTAG service to have it fixed. These are usually caused by people flashing ROMs or kernels not meant for their device. Flashing a ROM not meant for your device, can throw your system through a loop, because it also flashes the kernel.

Solution 1: Hard Reset


A hard reset can resolve various problems that you might be currently experiencing on your bricked device such as boot loop and screen freezes issues, lags, battery drain problems and so on.

Solution 3: Install stock Android OS

The final solution is getting your bricked LG device to the same exact state in which it was initially purchased. In order to do so, just install stock Android OS by following these steps:

  • Download the “LG Mobile Support Tool” on your PC from here.

Screenshot (23)

  • Install your device’s USB drivers by selecting your device from the list

Screenshot (29)

  • Connect your device to your PC via the USB cable.

Screenshot (24)

  • Once your device is recognized, go to ‘Options’ and select your country.

Screenshot (28)

  • Now click on ‘Upgrade Recovery’ in the ‘Options’ menu.

Screenshot (25)

  • Now the tool will download the kdz file for your device and flash it.

Screenshot (26)

  • Your device will reboot once the process is complete. Its adviseable to perform a factory reset once the phone boots up.

NOTE: Do not disconnect when the upgrade recovery process is underway.


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